CPD Points Requirements for WA lawyers

Barristers and solicitors in Western Australia must earn their CPD points with an approved QA Provider of continuing professional development for the WA legal profession to comply with the state's  mandatory continuing legal education requirements. In 2021, the Legal Practice Board of WA launched a new online CPD management system (CPDMS) to measure the CPD scheme's effectiveness. As a registered QA Provider, LawCPD fully complies with these new reporting requirements.


 CPD Rules for WA Lawyers


WA solicitors and barristers can earn 1 CPD unit per hour and all 10 CPD units each year by completing LawCPD’s online CPD courses.

CPD Rules for WA Lawyers

The Legal Practice Board WA's mandatory CPD scheme is set out in full in the Legal Profession Rules 2009. Compliance with the legal CPD rules is a requirement for the renewal of a practitioner’s WA practising certificate.

On 1 April 2015, amendments to the Legal Profession Rules 2009 came into effect. The most significant changes were the addition of a new “Practice Management” competency area and the removal of the requirement for WA lawyers to complete different numbers of points in each competency area based on number of years of post-admission experience. Learn more about the previous CPD rules in operation until 31 March 2015.

Recognised CPD Activities

WA legal practitioners may only earn legal CPD points by completing approved CPD activities. An approved CPD activity must be provided by a QA provider of continuing professional development or be specifically approved by the Legal Practice Board WA to comply with the WA CPD scheme.

LawCPD has been approved by the Legal Practice Board WA as a QA Provider of continuing professional development for the WA legal profession. This means that all of LawCPD's online CPD courses are approved CPD activities.

Under the WA CPD rules, a legal CPD activity may be classified as an interactive or non-interactive activity. LawCPD's online CPD courses are classified as an ‘interactive electronic activity’ under the new WA CPD rules, which means WA lawyers can earn 1 legal CPD point per hour and all 10 CPD points each year by completing our online CPD courses.

LawCPD reviews and updates all of its online CPD courses annually to make sure lawyers have the most up to date information. This ensures that all of LawCPD’s online CPD courses comply with the current CPD rules.









Annual CPD Requirements

According to the continuing professional development rules from the Legal Practice Board WA, practitioners must earn a minimum of 10 legal CPD points every CPD year (1 April-31 March annually).

The remaining CPD points can be earned from any of the four mandatory CPD competency areas. Under the amended WA legal CPD rules, there is longer a difference in the number of CPD points required for lawyers based on years of post-admission experience.

LawCPD has allocated competency areas to all of the online CPD courses on the LawCPD site to assist practitioners with the task of identifying which online CPD courses fall within the different mandatory CPD areas.

Western Australian practitioners must earn a minimum of 1 legal CPD point from each of the following mandatory CPD competency areas:






Record Keeping and Auditing


How does LawCPD comply with the Legal Practice Board’s new CPD management system?

LawCPD will upload a statement of CPD activity to the CPDMS on your behalf provided that your LawCPD account is updated with your Practitioner ID. You can update your profile today by following these simple steps


What records should I keep?

Under the Legal Practice Board WA continuing professional development scheme, practitioners must maintain a record of their legal CPD activities. Practitioners must also retain some supporting documentation to support their legal CPD record. Practitioners are required to certify whether they have met their obligations under the WA CPD scheme when they renew their practising certificates.

For full details of the Legal Practice Board's WA CPD scheme and the CPD requirements for WA practitioners, visit the Legal Practice Board WA’s website.


Will I get audited?

The Legal Practice Board WA conducts annual random audits of practitioners’ CPD records to monitor compliance with the WA CPD scheme. If a practitioner is selected for audit, they will need to provide supporting documentation to the Legal Practice Board of WA to verify that they have complied with the legal CPD scheme.


How does LawCPD help me with my compliance?

LawCPD provides practitioners with a personalised page (MyCPD) which tracks all their learning in real time and provides a record of all legal CPD points earned through LawCPD. Practitioners can print a copy of this page and provide it to the Legal Practice Board WA in the event that they are audited for compliance with the legal CPD scheme.

LawCPD also provides printable certificates for each online CPD course completed which can be downloaded from the MyCPD page. These certificates may also be provided to prove compliance with the WA CPD scheme if the practitioner is audited by Legal Practice Board WA.


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