Corporate CPD Packs

Cost-effective and Flexible CPD

LawCPD’s Corporate Packs give law practices, organisations, and government bodies access to prepaid legal CPD courses at discounted rates, easing your administrative burden and improving cost savings.

All of our packs can be tailored to fit the requirements of your organisation. Simply choose the pack that suits your organisation's needs, select the desired courses, and we’ll allocate them to your lawyers. With our fully managed support and an extensive course library covering all competency areas, it's easy to manage all of your lawyers’ CPD in one place.

Spend Less on Mandatory CPD

Give Lawyers 24/7 Access to CPD on Any Device

Flexible Course Selection

Learn From Leading Legal Minds

Interactive & Self Paced




Choose Your Pack

LawCPD’s Corporate packs give you access to premium legal CPD courses at discounted prices. All of our corporate packs are prepaid with single billing - meaning there’s no additional fees or multiple transactions to manage.






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Keep Track of Your Team's Compliance

We will provide each lawyer in your organisation with a personalised MyCPD account that will track and manage how many CPD/CLE points they have acquired and quickly print a compliance summary report - making it easy for you to keep up with your team's compliance.

CPD Credits Never Expire

We want to offer you the greatest flexibility. That's why your prepaid CPD credits never expire. You can choose to allocate CPD credits to your lawyers right away or as you go throughout the year depending on your specific requirements.

Access Round the Clock and From Any Device

LawCPD’s Corporate Packs mean your lawyers can access their legal CPD courses anywhere, anytime, and on any device - making it easy to fit their legal CPD around a busy work schedule.

A Personal Account for Every Lawyer

Each lawyer will have their own personal learning account - where they will be able to earn CPD points by completing the courses specifically credited to them. This gives you more control over each lawyer’s professional development plan and makes it easier to track compliance.





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